Saturday, July 23, 2011

Valley Preferred Cycling Center moved...

The Friday edition of the Morning Call's Sports pages carried a nice article on the Pee-Wee Peddlers program. The article was written by Kathy Lauer-Williams, of the Morning Call.

Apparently Kathy wants to move T-Town to Breiningsville. The reference to the velodrome in Breiningsville is in the headline and is mentioned at least five times in the article or in the captions below photographs.

I am sure the venerable velo will survive this sacrilege, but you would think a Morning Call reporter would know that the Velo is in Trexlertown, also widely known as T-Town.

Yes I am aware that the correct mailing address is Breinigsville, but the Velo is and always has been in T-Town.

Try this! Google T-Town and the very first result takes you to the Valley Preferred Cycling Center every time.

And so it goes...

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