Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jennifer - Song made Famous by "Cat" Stevens

Jennifer singing a Yousaf "Cat" Stevens classic.

This video was shot using a point and shoot digital camera in low light conditions.

Further more, the video begins in the middle of the song.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Obama a Muslim?

Could this video be fake. It is a slap dash bit of out-takes without benefir of the complete text and therefore it could be slanted; words taken out of context. I really don't have the answer. Watch and decide for yourself.





Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New York Messenger Bike Race


The video that follows was posted to YouTube in 2006 by someone other than the publisher.

The publisher is Lucas Brunelle, an interesting adventurer that makes his living using helmet video cams and a bicycle. Lucas was not always a success in life and had a difficult upbringing. After you have viewed this video you may wish to check out his web site which brings his adventures to life. But before you begin to explore the wonders of the web site, first go to the left hand navigation bar and click on "About". Here you will read about Lucas' troubled youth, his racing abilities on a bike, his stint as a New York Bike Messenger and how that led to his ultimate success.

Or, put on your seat belt and just watch the most exciting and dangerous bike riding you will ever see. These guy's have got to have a death wish!

The video can be viewed in "Full Screen" format; place cusor over the video and click on the "Full Screen" symbol in the lower right hand corner. I warn you, it's scarrier!


Those of you not familiar with messenger bikes; the messengers ride similar bikes to those ridden by track bike racers; meaning single gear bikes with no brakes. Can you imagine?

Lucas, I can only speak for myself, but I live my life vicariously through you. I wish you well!

Talladega Good Sam 500


Man What a Finish!

Green, White, Checker Finish - Last Lap!

This video can be viewed in "Full Screen" format
(When you click the start arrow the full screen symbol in at the bottom right corner)

It looked like a sure win for Stewart (14) then it happened; He was carried to the wall and then was upside down. It appears that Trevor Bahn (29) took him to the wall. No! No! it was Michael Waltrip (55) that tagged him, Trevor just got caught up in it.

The only words that I can come up with describe this event is:

Holy Cow, WOW!, Chaotic, Crazy, Unbelieveable!