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Monday, September 9, 2013

Elizabeth Sleasman Obituary

Elizabeth Sleasman Obituary

Date of Birth:

Saturday, March 13th, 1976

Date of Death:

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Bellingham, Washington, UNITED STATES 98225


Elizabeth Sue Sleasman was born in Bellingham to Mark and Margaret (Radisich) Sleasman. Attended schools in the Mt. Baker District, graduating in 1994. She was preceded in death by her grandparents: Sid & Dorothy Sleasman; Gerald & Margaret Rowe; her brother Paul Olsen, Jr.; her nephew Mark Sleasman, II; her uncle Jack Radisich and her aunt, Marlene Mitzelfeldt.
She is survived by her parents; daughter Kayla of Spokane, WA; brothers: John Olsen of Portland, OR; Curt (Amanda) Sleasman; and Bill (Samantha) Sleasman all of Bellingham, WA.; nieces, Sidney Sleasman and Emma Gray; nephews Parker Sleasman and Gabriel Gray all of Bellingham, WA; uncle Dale (Darlene) Sleasman of Ferndale, WA; sister-in-law, Carol Olsen; nephew Joshua Olsen and niece Amber Olsen all of McMinnville, OR; also her best friend, Kara Peters Tryon; and many cousins and friends.
In lieu of flowers, donation may be made in Sue's name to Bellingham Baptist Church building fund, 2501 Orleans St., Bellingham, WA 98226
Please sign the Book of Memories, light a candle and leave your condolences for the family at

Video Link of Elizabeth's life: video link

The remainder of the obituary was written by Sue several years prior to her death with permission to change times and dates fitting with the time of her death which she knew was inevitable.

Message from Sue:
I ask that EVERY parent and grandparent show this to their teens, even if they are perfect children. I was a perfect daughter, and my parents never knew I was using and drinking for at least the first five years (age 12 to 17), then only suspected it until the last ten years of my life when I couldn’t hide it any more.

Message to the teens: If you haven’t started - don’t. If you have, quit NOW. Your drinking/drug using friends are not really friends, they will steal from you, use you, and will do anything to get another “fix” - just like me. What starts out as fun for the first year or so, ends up to be a horrible, lonely life. During the last ten years, I never knew from one day to the next where I was going to be, I ate out of garbage cans, begged, and stole. I slept in bushes, doorways, abandoned vehicles, and nearly froze to death in the winter. Most of the time I was high or coming down, and much of that time, did not know what I was saying or doing - I could remember very little of what happened the night before. While using, I thought I was invincible and nothing could ever happen to me - after all, I was the “safest” user out there. I had a little girl who, because of my drinking and drugging was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and other very serious problems. I did not believe this, I believed she was perfect and only a little slow; and of course, it was not my fault - she will need specialized care for the rest of her life - again, not my fault, or so I thought.

You will become a thief and a liar, next you will lose your family, your “real” friends, and eventually your life. I started with Marijuana, and alcohol. It did not take very long for me to be so hooked on hard drugs that I could not have quit if I wanted to. Some of my closest “friends” overdosed and died; I did not quit. The light of my life, my daughter, was taken away - even then, I could not quit.
I entered the Methadone treatment and stopped using, but unfortunately my drinking habit kept on and I started using again. More recently I was admitted to the hospital because I was vomiting blood - my stomach was raw and the lining split because of crystal meth and alcohol. The doctors glued it together, and tried to get me to go to treatment - I said I would do it myself. I have quit now, but I am dead; don’t wait as long as I did, give your life another chance.