Friday, July 15, 2011

All Atwitter

Everyone seems to be all atwitter about Twitter. tweet, tweet, tweet.

I do not tweet. It seems to me that Twitter was created so that those of us that are Star struck over Actors, Musicians, Rock Stars and Athletic types could hang on every word they tweet to their twitter account.

It is nothing more than a bulletin board or a refrigerator where you put post-its with brief messages. Each post can only contain 140 characters. So the random thoughts are generally brief and to the point. Or, as in az lot of cases, pointless!

Many a person in the spotlight has hastily posted something for all the world to see and realized too late that they made a mistake. You hear about situations every day where someone said something that they wished they hadn't...oops! Too Late!

With a blog, a web page or even FaceBook I can remove the written word if I have regrets. So I will stick to the media I can control and leave the tweets to the Twitters.

And so it goes...

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