Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ordering Merchandise on the Web

I am in front of my computer a lot. I enjoy surfing the web, creating web sites, posting to blogs and answering e-mails. I exchange jokes, circulate the latest post criticizing O'Bama and generally have a good time using my computer.

I am not afraid of using my computer for ordering merchandise and I do all my banking Online. I occasionally enter contest or give-away programs. And there in is the rub!

I really hate it when I have to enter my birth date to prove I am over 18. My God, I am so far past 18, I barely remember what it was like way back then. So I enter the month and the day of my birth and for the year, I get this drop down menu of years. It takes forever to go down to the year of my birth. But it is not so much the loss of time, its the reminder that I am old in numbers. Stop and realize, I have to scroll down past 75 numbers representing the years I have been on this earth.

I write this tongue-in-cheek, because, while I don't like to be reminded of the years gone past, it is just a number. I am young at heart and my spirit is much younger than the years revealed by a birth date. My looks and my attitude belie my age.

I am still a kid at heart!

And so it goes...

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