Friday, July 8, 2011

Morning Star Inn - Bethlehem, PA

For the past seven glorious days I have been staying at the Morning Star Inn in Bethlehem, PA. It has been a Minni vacation, of sorts. Abet a working vacation.

But the work part has not been overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination. You see, the owners, otherwise known as Inn Keepers are away on their vacation and they asked me to take care of the Inn, which is closed, and the three cats that call the Inn home.

My duties consist of feeding the cats twice a day, occasionally watering the beautiful plants that are in abundance around the magnificent old three-story home and taking care of the pool. I make an excellent pool boy! I turn on the pump and the auto sweeper named Tyrone, scoop a few leaves off the surface of the water and stretch out on a chaise lounge with a good book and a cold brew for a couple of hours.

Of course, unlike a guest, I have to prepare my own breakfast. Well, for that matter, I have to prepare all my meals, but that's okay, I love dabbling in a professional kitchen. Cooking is one of my hobbies and besides, I live alone and always prepare my own meals.

This is my last night at this marvelous Bed and Breakfast in Bethlehem. The real Inn-keepers return tomorrow afternoon and I will be returning to my life in Allentown.

If you think you would enjoy a night at a B&B, I highly recommend the Morning Star Inn, Bethlehem, PA.

You can check them out by visiting their site. A link is provided below:


And so it goes...

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