Monday, March 30, 2015

The Republican Lehigh County Results Team resorts to attack ads!

Lehigh Results Team
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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Dean Browning's power grab backfires and now he's scrambling to hide the fact he was independently found to have a conflict of interest but refuses to resign.


Comments: Everette Carr, Lehigh County Resident

I am greatly disappointed in the four republicans, that call themselves "The Lehigh County Results Team". Rather than tell the Lehigh County voters how they plan to produce results as commissioners of Lehigh County, they have chosen to run Attack Ads and Facebook posts against the only other republican running against their slate. Four worthy candidates, to be sure, ganging up on one former commissioner attempting to regain a seat on the Lehigh County Commission. There are four open seats on the Lehigh County Commission and five candidates running in the Primary. Four of these candidates have formed a coalition or block to keep Dean Browning from being elected to the final slate of candidates to face four Democrats in the November election.

I enjoy the machinations of politics, the debates over differing opinions, etc., but I abhor when candidates for office use nasty tactics to tear down the opponent, particularly when it's four against one!

They use a unauthorized study, by a law firm with questionable and close association with one of the authority members, researching the possibility of conflict of interest on the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority Board. This law firm, which supposedly conducted an independent study declared Dean Browning and David Haines as having conflicts of interest.

David Haines, who was challenging the current board chairman, Marc Troutman, immediately quit the board in disgust. The individual that commissioned the study without board approval was Jane Baker, Nominating Committee Chair. Dean Browning has chosen to fight the allegations rather than resign and well he should. They claim Dean Browning has a conflict but Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowsky does not? Are you kidding me?

While I would suggest it would have been better for the coalition of "The Lehigh County Results Team" to take a wait and see approach to the Airport Authority squabbles; They chose to hastily jump in with their shovels in an attempt to bury Dean Browning!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised when politicians fail to play fairly.

I would expect this conduct from Democrats, but I thought Republicans had more credibility! Live and learn!

And so it goes...


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  1. the Lehigh County Republicans are a mess, they have a committee executive director who is 21 years old and once had resigned to help a democrat in Muller win an election for lehigh county executive