Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Derek Jeter - New York Yankee

Derek Jeter, New York Yankee short stop wears number 2 on his jersy but he will always be number 1 in the hearts and mines of his baseball fans. Jeter recently played his last professional baseball game at Fenway Park against the Boston Red Sox ending a twenty year career with the New York Yankees.
In 1948, I sat in Yankee Stadium for a game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Soxs. For a 12 year old boy that played organized baseball every summer in Memphis, Tennessee it was a memorable and thrillinbg experience. The 1948 Yankees; Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto and Joe DiMaggio. The only player I remember playing for the red sox was Ted Williams. Ted Williams, center fielder and, in my opinion then, one of the greatest players to ever played professional baseball. I was beyond thrilled! I have never been a Yankee fan. I blame that in part on George Steinbrenner. But I have always been a fan of Derek Jeter even though he was a Yankee. The New York Yankees signed Derek Jeter in 1992 right out of high school. He was called up to the big show in 1995 at age 20. The next season he was named the starting short stop and he was named Rookie of the Year and the Yankees won the World Series.
The Yankees won five World Series during Derek Jeter's career, the last in 2009. Jeter was not only a role model for the youth of the world, he was the guy that even professional baseball players tried to immulate. He was a great baseball player and a real class act on and off the field as well. He played with grace and dignity the same way he conducted himself in life. He had a humble attitude that belied and downplayed his skills. The world needs more champions like derek Jeter.
An emotional evening as Jeter plays his last game in Yankee Stadiums!
The last farewell wave to his loving and loyal fans!
One word that describes Derek Jeter; RESPECT!


Click on the link below for photos of Derek Jeter in the early years.


Derek Jeter's career in pictures


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