Monday, August 19, 2013

Legalizing Gay Marriage in Pennsylvania

First, I must preference this blog post with a confesion. I am an ardenent fan of Bill White. I enjoy his many diverse columns and his bog post on many different but interesting subjects.

on Sunday, August 18, 2013, Bill White did a follow-up on a previous blog post that appeared on his blog on August 16, 2013. In this blog Bill quotes a small town Mayor of a community in Kentucky:

"If GOD is against it, Why does he make em' born that way?" Bill thens gors on to to quote the Mayor; "I don't understand that. I've tried and tried and tried to understand that, but I cain't"

Bill White went on to indicate that, not surprisingly, he got mixed reaction to his column. Some even questioned how he could claim to be a Christian if he supported same-sex marriage.

Bill White responded; "The bottom line for me is that Jesus told us through word and deed, that the most important commandments are to love our God and to love ourneighbor. He specicitically urged us to reach out to the stranger, as he did with some of his society's most downtrodden and reviled."

Bill Whilte went on to stipulate that excluding homosexuality doesn't square with the idea of excluding so many of God's children from God's embrace because of a trait they were born with.

Bill White goes on to state; "Homosexuality is not a choice. The scientific evidence tells us that it emerges in early adolescence through the interaction of biological, physchological and social factors. The only choice invloved is the choice to hide your true self, forever."

Bill White in the article goers on to state: "Why would anyone choose to be gay if he or she really had a choice? The mockery, the discrimination, even in some cases the violence all make it far more difficult than being straight."

Later in the article Bill Whiten states: "It is easy to be smug about this if you're part of the overwhelming majority of people who are heterosexual. But try to imagine what life would be like if you had been born "that way," "If you were the one being treated asd a second-class citizen whose committed relationship is considered less legitimate, less worthy of sacred vows and legal protection."

Bill White went on to declare; "I don't care if you consider me to be a true Christian or not. That's between me and my God. What's important is that our religious views or personal prejudices, whatever they are, should hold no weight when it comes to determining which Americans have 'equal right under the law.'"

I wholeharily agree with Bill White's sentiments and I endorse the idea that Gay's deserve equal protection "under the law."

And so it goes...

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