Saturday, March 10, 2012

Space Invasion By Facebook Coming Soon!

Facebook cranking up the revenue dial!

Facebook has big plans to go public with an initial public offering (IPO) in the spring of 2012. With a target of $100 Billion in valuation, FB has to find new revenue streams.

Up until recently FB's ads have been relegated to the right side of the sites pages. That is about to change! Real time updates and post from 'Friends' stream into the middle of the page and this area has been largely free of advertising. FB users concentrate their attention to the center of the screen largely ignoring the ads on the right side. With users focused in the real content is it any wonder that that is where advertisers want their messages to appear? And, FB is going to oblige them.

These ads will also stream to user's mobile devices. FB boasts 425 million users of its mobile application; a huge reservoir of untapped advertising inventory.

Will FB users stand for this new intrusion? Facebook will start slow, limiting the number of main stream ads, but how long will it be before they ramp it up to satisfy their advertisers and their new stock holders.?

These moves by FB could be a space invasion of significant magnitude to all current users.

Don't forget I warned you! If we do not object vehemently now, tomorrow will be too late!

BTW, You Twitter users; your facing the same thing. Twitter has introduced a new strategy which is quietly being introduced by management that will ad advertising to the main or center content on it's site.

And so it goes...

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