Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, DAD!

Happy Birthday Dad, Pap Paw, Father! You left us too soon, too young. You had so much more to give!

After all these years I still miss you and think about you often. Had it not been for you I would never have become the man that I am.

You were a kind, gentle, giving soul that nutured me from birth. You instilled the idea in me that it was my obligation to give back, to help those in need and those that were less fortunate.

You were the best father that a child could ask for. You didn't give me everything that I wanted, but you gave me more than I deserved. You were generous to a fault, loving, caring, and a marvelous role model. If my daughters consider me a "good" Dad, then I owe it all to you!

I often thought that I had failed to live up to your high standards, but you never gave me any reason to believe that! You expressed your love, encouraged me and supported me through out my life. You were there when I needed you, but you did not impose your will on me. You allowed me to find my own way, you allowed me to fail and when I failed, you were there for me, always!

Everette Sr. & Josephine "Jo" Carr

Everette Sr. & Everette Jr., January 1944

I truely miss you and wish that we would have had had more time together.

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  1. Dad,
    That is a beautiful, heart felt tribute to Pap Paw. You are loving, giving, caring, and strong. In the man you are, you honor the man he was. I know Honey and Pap Paw are proud! I love you! I love those pictures!